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Electric Heating Pad for Knee Pain

Electric Heating Pad for Knee Pain

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Easy-Strap, Safe Electric Heating Pad designed for knee pain. It can be used to relieve pain from stiffness, spasms, arthritis, meniscus tear, sports injury, or general fatigue. Recommended for elderly people with chronic knee pain and joint pain.

Technology: Kneestrap works on Far Infrared Technology heat therapy that helps in faster recovery by improving blood flow to the targeted area. Deep penetration of FIR helps in muscle and tissue relaxation.
Design: Kneestrap is specifically designed for the knee, ankle & elbow to provide quick pain relief. The product takes the shape of the joint & provides faster pain relief. Made with advanced, durable, lightweight stretch velcro fabric. KneeStrap uses advanced carbon heating materials to ensure uniform warmth to the affected area for maximum and instant pain relief.
Ease of use: Strap it on around the aching part, connect one end of the 5V step-down adaptor to the plug socket and other to KneeStrap, long press to turn it on and feel the instant heat relax your joints. It’s that simple
Dual-purpose adaptor: The 5V DC step-down adaptor ensures safe use. The adapter serves the dual purpose of powering the KneeStrap as well as charging your phone.
Safety: Kneestrap is powered by a BIS approved 5V DC step-down adapter that is designed for safe use. KneeStrap is uniquely designed with a step-down adaptor that converts 120- 300V AC to 5V DC. This makes it much safer to use than a traditional electric heating pad that uses 220V power.
Ideal for: KneeStrap is ideal for people with active lifestyles and elderly people with chronic pain. It is perfect to relieve pain caused by muscle injury & spasms, arthritis, sports injury, or general fatigue. Arthritic pain can be relieved by 30-60 minutes of heat therapy.
Warranty: SandPuppy KneeStrap has a 12 Month Warranty that covers replacement and returns. Register your purchase for SandPuppy Warranty by SMS or calling +91 77678 13666 or emailing at



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